We are America

Can someone tell me who won the presidential election this week?

I’ve been really busy. ¬†I totally missed it.

Obviously, I’m kidding.



We did our thing ūüôā

I see you.  I hear you.  I know that the world is currently divided.

Too often, we react out of fear. ¬†We get louder when we aren’t¬†heard. We don’t¬†tolerate what we don’t understand.

Current situation: Half of the US population did not get what they wanted. ¬†60 million people “won” and 60 million people “lost”.

I’m an Ohio girl, so let me speak O-H-I-O for a minute. ¬†If you know anything about the Buckeyes, you know Michigan is our biggest rival. ¬†What happens when we beat Michigan? ¬†People light their porch couches on fire and riot in the streets. ¬†What happens when we don’t beat Michigan? ¬†People still light their porch couches on fire and take to the streets. ¬†Same outcome.


(Sorry, dad.  I had to)


We have somehow managed to treat the democracy of our country like a 120 million person football team. ¬†Even the candidates behaved like coaches (player compensation, “locker room” abuse, etc), ¬†We, as a nation (team) followed suit and got behind our red or blue with the passion of a double overtime championship game. ¬†Basically, no matter who won, half of the world was going to light some dumpster fires and get tear gassed.

With such strong, divided opinions, people’s hearts are hardening. ¬†If you’re feeling fearful, angry, disappointed or defeated, please don’t let that feeling last for long. ¬†We are America. ¬†Opportunity is everywhere, ¬†When you openly identify what you’re grateful for, it multiplies. ¬†When you focus on fear, it grows. ¬†You become what you constantly think about. ¬†Don’t manifest hate, fear, or anger.


If you are experiencing fear or anxiety, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. ¬†Additionally, you may find this book to be a valuable resource. ¬†It is part of my daily ritual ūüôā

Order a copy here.

America, let’s take off the cleats and helmets. ¬†Save your tackles for Black Friday. ¬†I invite you all to join me for a yoga practice. ¬†In fact, if you are feeling anxious, I challenge you to do yoga for the next 3 days in a row. ¬†Just try it. ¬†See if it helps ūüôā

If you don’t have access to a yoga instructor near you, try alternating between these 2 classes:


I have one word. ¬†Regardless of your party affiliation, I say: Namaste. ¬†The light within me honors the light within you. I will not judge you based on your political opinions. ¬†I will not even judge you for being a Michigan fan. ¬†Take¬†a brief sabbatical from solving the worlds problems. ¬†Breathe. ¬†Clear your mind. ¬†Give someone a hug. ¬†Then you can go back to passing bills, balancing budgets and reforming health care…or rioting in the streets. ¬†You do you…but first, do yoga.




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