My Diet is Better Than Yours

This sounds like a job for…me!

I haven’t  watched a reality TV show (regularly) in years.  They just don’t have the quality options they used to 😉  However, last night I tuned in (by accident) to the show My Diet is Better Than Yours and was immediately sucked in.  You know how I love to give trendy diet fads a test run so that you don’t have to.  This show matches up someone who wants to lose weight with a trainer that walks them through a specific type of diet.  The diets they put to the test are plans that have been around for years but have gained lots of attention over the past few years.

The Contestants and the Trainers


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The Diets

The plans range from primal type meals to juice cleanses and everything in between.  I already have a favorite.  I wonder if I’ll change my mind by the end of the series??? Clink on the title of the diet for a link to the full details of each plan.

The Wellness Smackdown Plan

The No Diet Plan

The Superfood Swap Diet

The Clean Momma Plan

The Wild Diet

A certain style of exercise accompanies the diets.  In addition to that the contestants will, of course, have to compete in gimmicky challenges like farmer walking buckets of sugar or being exposed to an exorbitant about of tempting junk food to test their will power.  All goofiness aside, I am interested in following this journey.

Spoiler Alert

After week one, The Wild Diet team had the most dramatic weight loss.  With that being said, I still wouldn’t rank that plan as my favorite.  This primal way of eating doesn’t sit well with me personally over a long period of time.  It’s naturally very low in carbohydrates which can give you a dramatic drop in water weight in the initial weeks.  You eat lots of fats and meats and workout for 7 minutes a day.  I love that you don’t eat any processed or packaged foods and refined sugars are a definite no.  I’m interested to see if he continues to put up the biggest numbers each week.  A popular item on The Wild Diet menu: Butter Coffee Have you tried it?

SCS Coffee

You blend a TBSP or 2 of butter into hot coffee and drink up.

My personal favorite

So far, The Superfood Swap Diet is my favorite.  You learn to eat proper portions.  You allow your appetite to determine when you eat and not a clock.  You can have a treat if you enjoy it with a friend (one of my DOIT rules) and you eat the most nutrient dense foods available.   Honestly, the reason I like this the best is because it is a plan that can easily be followed for life. It allows you to form healthy, reasonable habits that set you up for long term success.

I’ve said to many clients, the plan that works the best is the one that you’ll continue to do forever.

Here is the order in which I rank the plans as of now.  I’ll let you know if it changes:

First: The Superfood Swap Diet

Second: The Wellness Smackdown Plan

Third: The No Diet Plan

Forth: The Wild Diet

Fifth: The Clean Momma Plan

What did you eat today?

Me? Sushi!  Have you tried Fusian?  This is a sushi joint where you can build your own sushi “Chipotle style”.  It’s a great way to load your roll with veggies and seafood while leaving out the heavy sauces.


Did you watch the show?  Have a favorite yet?

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