Yo’s 21 Day DO-IT

What is a DO-IT?

The most frequent request I get may surprise you.  I’m often asked for “crash diet” meal plans that can help you tighten up FAST.  People typically want these plans so they can prep for an upcoming event that crept up faster than they’d expected (i.e. vacations, weddings, etc.).  I HATE the word DIET.  Even though it is just a label that defines whatever we put in our mouth, it’s a word that is negatively received and often causes feelings of dread, worry and abnormal cravings.

Restriction=Rebound Weight Gain

So, instead of restricting yourself for weeks only to gain rebound weight in the end (as is typical with a “crash diet”), let’s do something different.   This is your “DO-IT” plan. Because, well, you CAN do it and you WILL get results that last.

Is this DO-IT right for you?

If you think food should taste good, this is the plan for you.  If you want feel lighter and more energetic, this plan is for you.  If you want to save time, money and reduce stress in your life, this is also for you.

SIMPLE does not have to be boring.  FRESH is always delicious.  RESULTS are possible.  You can DO-IT and you can MAINTAIN an ENERGIZED lifestyle and a HEALTHY relationship with FOOD and your BODY.


Upon signing up for Yo’s DO-IT, you will have immediate access to your complete 21 days with Meals &  Shopping lists that are included for each week.

You’ll also have instant access to the How to DO-IT Guide.  This guide will help you convert your kitchen and create an environment that supports success on this program.


  1. How to DO-IT guide to prepare you for a successful journey
  2. 3 complete meal plans that you’ll follow for 7 days each
  3. 3 complete shopping lists to help you navigate the grocery store aisles

I want to DO IT!