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What is your fight song?

Let me start this story in the middle.  I’ll fill you in on the beginning later.

I was given an assignment to write an essay titled “What savasana means to me”.  In case you are not familiar with the term, savasana is the final posture held in a yoga practice also known as corpse pose.  It’s a resting posture that is commonly held lying on your back, arms and legs spread in a relaxed position, eyes closed, breathe (always :)).



Stay with me, as I have a reason (“important message”) for sharing all of this.

With that, here is my essay:

When I stopped to consider what Savasana means to me, I knew the exact “feeling” of Savasana, but was at a loss for words initially. Almost instantly a song popped in my head. One that I hadn’t heard in years and almost forgot about completely. This song captured everything that I was trying to articulate.

Instead of spitting out lyrics that have already been written, let me first try to convey my definition to you in my own words:

From the beginning of yoga practice and leading up to Savasana, you are challenged by postures that push and pull and stretch and constrict. You’re summoning the will to hold positions and find stability.   Teetering from creating energy and fatigue, you may experience breakdowns or breakthroughs both physically and mentally. Once you receive the cue to roll back onto your mat and prepare for Savasana, you surrender with an exhale of what was and an inhale of what you’ve overcome. This is a celebration of the battle you’ve won and the warrior that you are. With a relaxed feeling of exhaustion and the light heart of a champion, you find peace knowing that you won this battle, but no one had to lose. This is a victory within yourself. This is your moment.

If my words aren’t powerful enough to convey the eternal victory that Savasana represents, I leave you with the song, One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston. I almost forgot about this one, but it might be the most perfect way to describe what Savasana means to me.


Important message:

You may have read that and thought it was the cheesiest thing ever.  Maybe it spoke to you.  Perhaps you rolled your eyes.  Regardless of your reaction, ask yourself this question:  When was the last time you did something that made you feel like the subject of a Whitney Houston song?

We all deserve to have those powerful moments that we are proud of.  Where you can’t stop smiling and you feel bliss running through your veins.  That moment where you accomplished something that didn’t come easy.  A time where you wanted to quit, but instead you saw it through.  That moment is found when you get uncomfortable.


Whether it’s mental, physical, spiritual, relationship oriented, or a professional challenge, I want you to find that moment. If you feel compelled, I’d love for you to share your experience with me.  Let me know when this was your theme song.