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Fitness and Foolish Expectations

America, are you for real?

Don’t worry.  This is not a political post.

Who watched the Superbowl?  Great game, good ads, and what about that half-time show?!  I thought Lady Gaga was phenomenal!  I watched in awe thinking “wow, the athleticism!”  She was hitting choreography, engaging the audience, swinging from a trapeze! All the while singing her heart out without losing her breath or missing a note.  Her level of talent is a gift.  Her dedication to working so hard at conditioning and rehearsing is true grit that you can tell she puts her full heart into.

Lo(image source)

What did you think when you watched?  To my utmost surprise, and (quite frankly) horror, many people were bashing Gaga’s body.  (highest pitched) Whaaaaaat? People were commenting that she had a “pooch” and even claiming that she wasn’t fit enough to be wearing that outfit.  Is this some kind of joke?  Listen up people: Lady Gaga is insanely lean.  She looked incredibly fit and all of her costumes suited her incredibly well.

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A few major points that we all need to take away from this:

  1. Humans are made of this matter called flesh.  Have you ever felt flesh before? It’s designed to move, bend and stretch.  This allows us to perform movements without snapping in half or splitting until our innards spill outward.
  2. Performance wear is secured with elastic.  Elastic makes our clothing fit tightly so that our pants don’t drop to our ankles.  I’m sure the Superbowl execs appreciated the fact that Gaga’s shorts fit tightly enough so that we didn’t end up with a Janet Jackson style wardrobe malfunction.
  3. Clothing will never fit any person that same way that is fits a plastic mannequin, and that’s a good thing!  The supple movement of our skin is what makes the human body attractive. It doesn’t matter what number is on the tag of your clothing (and I bet Gaga’s is a 0, you crazy people).

What matters is that you care for your body like you love it.  That means moving, stretching, and doing things that make you feel strong.  It also means feeding positive words to yourself, about yourself.  How can you possibly think and speak loving words about yourself if you can’t even speak them about other people?

Go show some love to yourself and someone else who needs it!