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Roll Call and Your Daily Workout <3

How is the challenge going? I get an A+ for no sugar this week and a B- for the barre warmup.  I’m shocked as earlier in the challenge the barre warm up was the easy part and not having chocolate was making me a little weepy.  If you’re on point (<— pun) with the challenge, then my hat is off to you!  If you’ve lost your way, let’s dive back in right now.

Want to turn today’s challenge into a total body workout?  Try this workout!

Do your barre warm-up, then follow up with this outline:

barre challenge 2

The upper body blast goes like this:  Do the following 7 (SEVEN) upper body exercises without rest in between movements.  Use the heaviest dumbbells you can manage while maintaining good form.

  1. Bicep Curls
  2. Shoulder Presses (palms forward)
  3. Hammer Curls
  4. Parallel Shoulder Presses (palms face each other)
  5. Tricep Kickbacks (squat down and lean forward)
  6. Rotating Bicep Curls
  7. Overhead Triceps Extension

Once you complete one round of the Upper Body Blast, move on to the leg circuit.  It’s 3 sets back to back of the following 2 exercises (15 reps each set):

  1. Front Lunges (hold weight at your shoulders (if you have it) as you lunge forward, alternating legs).  15 reps on each leg.
  2. Plie Squats (hold weight if you have it).  If you don’t have weights, make the plies plyometric by doing jump squats instead.

Once you’ve complete 3 sets of the leg exercises, repeat the upper body blast.

When you’re done:

Hold a plank for as long as you can!  Feel free to share your plank time with me when you’re done.  Consider yourself victorious regardless of your time, as this workout is no easy feat!!

low chat

Not feeling challenged by a plank?  You’re crazy!  But try holding a low chatturanga instead!