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The Challenge you are Craving!

 What Would Wendy Williams Do?

I don’t get a lot of TV time, but when I do, you know I watch the most disgraceful program I can find.  I’m often home for lunch around the time Wendy Williams is coming on.  She starts her show with some sort of Hot Topic recap where she dishes on celebrities and then offers them an unsolicited counseling session through the lens of the camera.  From Oprah, to Courtney Cox to all of the Kardashians, Williams has given them the goods on how to lose weight, raise a kid, find a man (and keep him) and manage a more successful career.  How did they get by without her?  While I find 60% of what she days to be offensive, she neutralizes every backhanded compliment with a questioning “But, you see what I’m sayin’?” trying to suck you in and make you partially responsible for her insults.   I respond with a loud and clear “NO I DO NOT SEE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!” Just in case Oprah is listening through some sort of artificial intelligence she’s wired the world with.


Making offensive statements like this: “Evelyn gave birth to a cash register–I mean a baby boy,” Wendy quipped.  “I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said.”  And apologizing/not apologizing which makes it even more offensive.

Now, let me be nice.  She does sometimes offer good advice to the general public.  Click here for some of her classic statements.  But mostly, she’s rude and righteous to other celebrities, I’m sure for the sake of publicity if nothing else.

oprah quote

My point?  I want to you feel awesomely amazing.  I want you to love your life and beam with joy often (not all the time, that would be exhausting).  However, I’m not equipped to give you fabulous advice in every area of your life.  I’m a major work in progress myself and many of you have mastered areas I haven’t even broke ground on yet.  So, I will try to keep my advice contained to areas that I know about “for sure” or at least “probably for sure”.

With Spring trying to make an appearance, it will hopefully be seasonal to wear less bulky clothing.  Let’s dive into a mid month challenge so that we feel ready to peel off some layers in a few weeks.  I have the perfect fitness challenge for you.


Keep doing what you’re doing, of course 😉 But let’s add a little something to the mix.  Have you all tried my barre class?  If not, no worries.  You don’t have to be experienced.  At the beginning of each barre workout we go through a warmup that takes about 5 minutes.  It targets the entire anatomy of the leg (we are talking quads, glutes, hams, inner & outer thigh, hips (including hip flexors, et al).  It also targets the lower abdominal muscles, lower back and obliques and it’s great for your posture.  You can train all of these areas with a 5 minute sequence!

I am challenging us all to do that 5 minute warmup 5 days a with for the next 5 weeks.  Who is in?

I am going to temporarily release one of my barre workouts to you so that you can see what it’s all about.  Once you finish the en qua leg sequence at the beginning of the class, you will have completed your challenge for the day.  If you want to continue on and finish the workout, go for it 😉

Want to sweeten the challenge?

Or unsweeten it as the case may be 😉 Let’s add a little nutritional bonus.  Eliminate added sugar (anything that doesn’t come from a fruit for vegetable) 5 days per week for the next 5 weeks as well.  That means you can still have a treat 2 days per week, but for 5 days, you’ll skip it.

The Challenge Begins April 18!

Let me know if you’re in!  If you tell me you’re committing to the challenge, I will keep you posted on tools for success throughout the process.  I can be your accountabili-buddy 😉

Use this challenge as your means to get your fitness in formation for Summer ;0