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Balancing with Beignets and Brussels Sprouts

Swapping for Superfoods

I am a firm believer that you should be able to eat anything you want….just not everything you want all at once ūüėČ ¬†The majority of your diet should consist of a variety of real, whole foods. ¬†Enough to sustain you without feeling overly full. ¬†At my house, I’m notorious for taking any given recipe and converting it to the most pure version of itself ūüėČ ¬†So when my daughter volunteered me to make 5 dozen beignets for her French class, I immediately thought “Challenge Accepted!”

My daughter sent me this beignet recipe from her teacher:


I looked at the list and determined that I have warm water and salt but no other necessary ingredients. ¬†I immediately think that these would be “better” anyway if I swap the flour for a blend of coconut and sprouted grain flower. ¬†I’m considering coconut oil in lieu of shortening when this text chimes in:


Busted. ¬†She’s on to me. ¬†For the sake of argument I complied and got the ingredients per the recipe. ¬†As painful as it was…I got the Crisco ūüôĀ


We made the dough.  Chilled the dough.  Rolled the dough.


Fried the dough.  Tossed the dough in a teeth rotting amount of powdered sugar.


Making it “better”:

There isn’t a single thing about this recipe that I would consider “healthy”. ¬† None of the ingredients (except the water and the eggs) offer a positive contribution to your health. ¬†While the ingredients aren’t going to give you super powers, experiences like this are very healing. ¬†Sure, I cringe and the thought of deep fried sugar balls. ¬†But, I got to work on this with my daughter. ¬†We laughed until our sides (already sore from barre) hurt. ¬†We burnt some. ¬†We nailed some. ¬†We destroyed the kitchen. ¬†We cleaned it up. ¬†We stayed up past my bedtime ūüėČ We worked together as a team. ¬†We got to celebrate a victory together. ¬†While I don’t encourage a daily dose of sugar coated dough, I can make peace with the fact that dessert brings people together.



That, my friend, is what I call…balance.

Now go eat some vegetables!


Seriously!  Caramelized brussels sprouts are as good as dessert!

Trim and halve the sprouts.  With a little oil or grass fed butter in a pan, warm it.  Put the brussels sprouts in the hot pan and do not touch them for 4 minutes.  Flip them.  Do not touch for 4 more minutes.  They should look a little burnt on both sides.  Toss in salt & pepper to taste and enjoy.

Cheers & Namaste!  



Eating to Heal

Fast Metabolism Food Rx

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been asked to review a new book from an author I’ve been familiar with for a few years now. ¬†The Fast Metabolism Diet was my first introduction to nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy, followed by The Burn and now Fast Metabolism Food Rx. ¬†Many of you went through the Fast Metabolism Diet with me and some of you are doing it now. ¬†If you’re curious about the new book but not sure how it differs from her previous book, here is the lowdown:



In Fast Metabolism Food Rx, Haylie has brought the experience of going to her clinic for treatment to the privacy of your own home. ¬†Using eating as a tool to repair damage to your metabolic pathways (basically your body’s ability to function properly), you will determine which category of symptoms are most prevalent in your personal health. ¬†After answering a series of questions, you’ll calculate your responses and rank the 7 different prescriptions. ¬†Once you’ve determined which of the plans should take highest priority, you can get to business. ¬†The beginning chapters of the book introduce the philosophy of eating for optimal health (healing the metabolic pathways). ¬†There is plenty of concise information that is easy to follow which applies to everyone. ¬†Your prescription chapter will give you more specific guidance to allow you to amplify results through a list of superfoods, lifestyle practices and meal planning maps. ¬†Additionally you’ll find recipe ideas and a sample menu for each prescription.

smoothie bowl zest

Feeding your health is delicious!

This book is easy to navigate. ¬†It’s offers reasonable and sustainable plans. ¬†It is a resource that you can refer to over and over again.

The 7 prescriptions cover the following:

GI Stress







I took the quiz and started my Rx today. ¬†The nice thing about this plan is that it can be started immediately. ¬†It doesn’t require fancy recipes or elaborate preparation (although preparedness is key on any plan). ¬†I’ll share my menu with you as I go, but keep in mind, my priority may not be the same as yours.

If you’d like to know more, or want to get started on researching where you can begin your own treatment plan, check out this link:

You can preorder the book today and have it shipped to your door on February 23. ¬†If you do preorder the book, you’ll have the jumpstart guide available to you immediately. ¬†This will allow you to have the self-assessment questionnaire completed so that you can jump right in to your plan of action.

Did you take the quiz?  What is your Food Rx?


My Next Review: Fast Metabolism Diet Food Rx

¬†You know me…

And if you don’t, let me bring you up to speed. ¬†I’ve always had an intense desire to know everything there is to know about exercise and nutrition. ¬†The beauty of this desire is that I’ll never be done learning because it is ever changing. ¬†Fitness is my preferred art. ¬†I enjoy finding ways to make your peak level of fitness attainable and enjoyable.


(click here for a lemon and lime slushy that will change your life)

As part of my constant research, I submerge myself into programs and plans so that I know exactly how they make me feel and how manageable they are.  Perhaps you recall some of my previous experiments:

Vegan Experiment 2014

The Fast Metabolism Diet

Giada’s Feel Good Food¬†(more of a review and not so much an “experiment”)

The Virgin Diet

And, of course, my own method:

Yo’s 21 Day DOIT

One thing I promise to you is that I will always give you my honest opinion. ¬†Whether it is my plan or someone else’s, I will do the research, experience the plan and report back to you with as much detail as possible. ¬†My goal is to provide you with enough information so that you can determine what your body & mind need the most to succeed. ¬†My ultimate mission is to allow people to uncover how wonderful they are capable of feeling.

Exciting News!

I’ve recently been asked to be part of a launch team for a new book that is being released on February 23. ¬†The book was written by Haylie Pomroy, a wellness consultant that specializes in holistic health. ¬†She’s the author of my previously reviewed plan The Fast Metabolism Diet (see review link above) and The burn. ¬†Her new book is called Fast Metabolism Food RX:


I’ll have my hands on the book this week. ¬†I’m ready to dive in and give it a test run so that I can report back to you. ¬†If you’re interested in joining me on this journey, you can preorder the book and have it the day of it’s official release. ¬†Today’s price on Amazon is only $15.47. ¬†Click here to order.

Let me know if you’re giving it a try. ¬†I’d love to stay connected as you go through it too.