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I Would Walk 500 Miles

Track that on your FitBit ūüôā

Whether you travel frequently or you pack up for the day when you leave for work, most of us are on the road or away from a fully functioning kitchen for a good part of our waking hours. ¬†We don’t typically make our best decisions when we’re hungry, but we also don’t perform our best when we have a food hangover (that thing that happens with you fill up on crap because it was the most convenient option). ¬†The following advice is how to travel happy and come home feeling like you didn’t miss a beat.

Step 1)  What to pack in your suitcase (or day bag):

I’ll try to be a little more creative¬†than “bag of almonds” here. ¬†I’m sure that thought has already crossed your mind. ¬†Also, having a cooler bag and packing fresh, prepared foods is a great idea, but I’m going to go even simpler than that, as I probably already told you to boil eggs, bake chicken, etc. ¬†This list is things that can be kept in your bag that won’t haunt you (read: smell funky) ¬†later if you end up not needing them.

Freeze dried fruit.  Fruit that is freeze dried contains less calories and sugar than dried fruit.  It also contains fiber to help you feel fuller and aid in healthy digestion.  Many brands contain only one ingredient (the fruit itself) and testing has shown that the freeze drying process concentrates the fruits antioxidants, meaning you get even more of the good stuff!



Your favorite protein powder.  Keep a serving or 2 of measured protein powder in your bag along with a sealed bottle of water.  This will allow you to make a filling, protein rich snack or meal replacement in an instant.



These also come in single serving packets.

Don’t forget the fat! ¬†Fat is lucrative for brain health, sustained¬†energy and a healthy metabolism (to name a few of the countless benefits), but you can’t just choke down any ole fat. ¬† ¬†One of the healthiest fats you can ingest is coconut oil. ¬†Sound like a tricky one to travel with? ¬†Not anymore! ¬†You can buy individual serving travel packets of coconut oil made by Artisana.



While traveling, the easiest thing to pack that you can spread this packet of joy on is going to be a few rice cakes.  Rice cakes are no nutritional powerhouse, but they are light and airy and make nice vehicles for tasty spreads without packing in extra calories.  You can also carry a few individual honey packets and squeeze one of those on top of the coconut oil.  This will help satisfy sweet tooth cravings while the rice cake takes care of the salty ones.

Old fashioned rolled oats with almond butter: ¬†Another easy staple is making individual serving bags of uncooked oatmeal. ¬†You can also buy almond butter in individual packets for a low as 99 cents per serving. ¬†It’s pre-portioned and needs no refrigeration. ¬†If you’re in a hotel, you can use hot water from the coffee pot to make your oats, then stir the almond butter in. ¬†If you’re on the road, get a cup of hot water from a gas station or drive-through. ¬†Another option: Squeeze the almond butter into the bag and mix it with the oats‚Ķinstant power ball! ¬†I eat uncooked oats occasionally and they are really good. ¬†I just discovered this was possible a few years ago. ¬†Changed. My. Life ūüôā



Of course, you can always take along my favorite green apple, homemade sweet potato chips and as much fresh food as you can preserve while on the road. ¬†But, when fresh just isn’t an option, don’t let it be your excuse to go off the rails and regret it later. ¬†I support the occasional treat meal, but a last minute run through a drive through is a decision often made in haste and rarely worth the damage is does. ¬†This list is your back up plan for things that will get you by until your next healthy meal. ¬†They will also serve as your emergency back up plan if you show up to a conference and everything on the buffet is fried, processed or covered in sauce.

Step 2) SwanFit!

If you haven’t already signed up for your monthly membership, the workouts in the Strong Calm Sexy plan will keep you on track while you’re on the road. ¬†You can log in on any mobile device and get your workout in without missing a beat. ¬†It doesn’t get much easier than that!


Don’t Forget:

A) Drink lots of water while traveling. ¬†It will prevent belly bloat and keep your digestion on track. ¬†B)¬†Order or take veggies whenever possible. ¬†If they are available, eat them ūüôā¬†C) Always floss! ¬†It protects your teeth and gums, but it also prevents plaque from building in your arteries. ¬†D)¬†Stretch at every opportunity. ¬†It will keep your hips and back from aching and help you sleep better at night.

Flex for me!


small by oceanHas anyone ever told you “If you want to feel small, stand next to the ocean.” ¬†I do believe this is supposed to help to you recognize any number of the following truths:

1) There is comfort:  Whatever pain you are experiencing, it is only a small part of your story and with time and space, it will someday seem like a grain of sand in your personal ocean.  Although you cannot see the end of it, there is a shore on the other side.

2) We all need to be humbled at times¬†: ¬†Standing by something so vast can remind you that there is a whole world out there. ¬†It’s great to be confident and feel good about yourself (you know I encourage it daily), but it’s nice to be reminded we’re sharing this world with a countless number of creatures (human and otherwise) that are all valuable components to the balance of this earth. ¬†We’re here for such a short time, so choose kindness over arrogance.

3) We can be consumed by it: ¬†I don’t mean to be swallowed whole by it. ¬†It’s more of a consumption of your mind. ¬†The ocean is a place that can capture all of your senses. ¬†You can allow yourself to get lost in it’s size, sound, smell and touch. ¬†You can allow your sorrows to drift off in it’s wake. ¬†You can feel closer to God and all that He’s created.


If you want to feel small, but you’re in Ohio in the middle of winter: ¬†You can instead get sammiched (that’s ‘sandwiched’ if you grew up with non-southern parents) between 2 Mr. Olympia’s during Arnold Classic weekend.

phil heath and jay cutler


***This may not have the oceanic affect, but you will likely feel small in comparison***

Which brings me to my point (as I usually have one). ¬†Let’s stop comparing ourselves to the people around us. ¬†When we’re focusing on living better, being healthier and finding joy in all things that we do. ¬†Don’t look to what someone else has achieved, received or been born with. ¬†Of course, applaud the success of others. ¬†It feels good to sincerely support what our friends have achieved. ¬†But you, do YOU. ¬†You’ve got your own set of gifts.




In fact, you don’t even know that other persons entire story. ¬†When it comes down to it, you’d probably rather take your complete package over someone else’s anyway. ¬†Find what works for you and “6 second embrace” the heck out of it.


Amy Poehler’s book Yes, Please is a great read. ¬†This is one of my favorite quotes.

How are you going to do You today?

Speaking of “the entire package”, the reason that Strong Calm Sexy¬†offers 3 different styles of training and a meal plan that changes monthly, is because I want you see and feel the benefits of a well rounded program. ¬†I’m not sure everyone realizes this, but the meal plan changes monthly, not only to give you more variety, but to specifically help you continue to progress in a healthy way that is nurturing to your body. ¬†With each series, the focus shifts slightly. ¬†Series 5 is about boosting metabolism and increasing “happy hormones”. ¬†I’ll share a recipe that I tried this weekend that falls into that category nicely. ¬†It’s not the prettiest thing you’ll ever eat, but it will appeal to your other senses ūüôā

I call it:

French Toast for a Lean Queen


This is made in the crockpot!


  10 slices Ezekiel Bread (if frozen, let thaw)

10 egg whites

1 ¬Ĺ cup almond milk, unsweetened

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp cinnamon

1 TBSP honey

1 TBSP coconut oil

Directions: Line Crockpot with coconut oil.  Cut Ezekiel Bread into triangles and layer it in crockpot.  Whisk egg whites, almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla and honey together and pour over bread.  Cover and cook for 4 hours (or on low overnight).  It will smell amazing in the morning!  Serve warm.  Garnish with 1 cup berries and 1-2 tsp real maple syrup or honey (if desired).

A serving size is 2 slices of ezekiel bread, so this serves 5.  Let me know if you try it!

I love when you share your pics with me!  When you make a meal from the plan or do one of the workouts, snap a #selfie and send it my way!  Use the #StrongCalmSexy.

Leaner Body, Fuller Lashes

Hey Ladies!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week. ¬†If you missed the latest promo video, check it out and let me know what you think:

With March being the last month of the 1st quarter of 2015, I’m already checking in with my goal progress for 2015. ¬†Things are moving in the right direction, but I definitely have some tweaking to do as I reevaluate what seemed like a good idea in January ūüôā ¬†One of my personal goals this year was to reach out to and connect with good friends. ¬†It’s so easy to get busy and focused on professional goals and¬†friends often seem like a luxury we don’t have time for. ¬†That could not be more wrong. ¬†If you can even take 5 minutes to drop a note or make a quick call to a friend, you’ll feel your spirits lift immediately. ¬† When thinking about my friends, I know several of them have found themselves loving this new brand of cosmetics¬†called Younique. ¬†With you all working hard to get in the best shape of your life, I thought you might like to hear about these products. ¬†After all, no physical transformation is complete without a little makeover, right ūüôā ¬†Since I am no make-up expert, I’ll refer you to my good friend, Cindi.

Younique was invented by a brother & sister team with a mission to uplift, empower and validate women. ¬†They use natural, high quality products that nourish the skin, so you don’t have to worry about scary stuff hiding on your skin. ¬†A portion of all proceeds go to supporting women who are victims of domestic violence.

The product that gets the most buzz is their 3D fiber lash mascara, which gives you the effect of false lashes without the hassle. ¬†Check out Cindi’s side by side comparison:


I also found this tip to be very helpful:

mascara tip


While they do have a complete line of cosmetics, this next product is new and I’m really excited to try it. ¬†Keeping color on my lips is always a challenge (because I’m always drinking water or tea). Lip stains:

lip stain younique


cindi lip stain

How gorgeous is Cindi?! She’s got on a full face of Younique products (but looks amazing with no makeup at all!). ¬†If you have questions or want to purchase any of these products, connect with Cindi through her Facebook page by clicking here:¬†¬†or visiting

If you haven’t already joined and started your complete fitness program, I’m offering a $10 off discount to any new member that places a Younique order with Cindi. ¬†She’ll give you your discount code when your order is placed. ¬†You can enter it at checkout on for $10 off your first month.

***I’m not affiliated with Younique, nor do I receive any compensation or commission from any Younique sales. ¬†If you do have questions about their products, I know several amazing women who can answer your questions and I’m happy to direct you to them ūüôā

cindi and yo