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Once upon a time…

Not so many years ago…

I was an awkward child.  First of all, I was born with Strabismus, which is just a fancy word for “cross-eyed”.  To add insult to injury, for several of my elementary years I did this weird thing where I whispered every word I said back to myself.  If you’ve seen the TV show “The Middle” then you know what I’m taking about.  The youngest son Brick has this same odd behavior, only mine was worse.  He whispers back the random word on occasion.  I repeated every. single. word. that came out of my mouth.  An obvious sign of my shyness and insecurity (and perhaps a touch of OCD).

Yep, a tad cross-eyed.

Luckily, my little quirk only lasted for just a few years or so (an eternity in my concerned parents’ minds, I’m sure).  I recall the exact time that I let go of this peculiar behavior.  It was shortly after my first dance recital.  I was not especially talented.  I certainly wasn’t the star of the show.  Looking back, I was more of a wallflower.  As awkward I looked, I still felt like I owned the stage.

Crimped hair, tinted glasses, stage blush. Check, check and check.

I felt I was in my place and for the first time, comfortable in my own skin.  It wouldn’t be until many, many years later that I made the connection.  Dance built my confidence.  Even though I wasn’t the best (not even close), I would imagine my abilities were far greater than they ever became.  I would even have the hopeful daydream of being on broadway or in a ballet company.  That kept me practicing, choreographing, and bouncing around like it was my mission to turn this pastime into something bigger.  It wasn’t until the past several years that I knew what that “bigger” was going to be.  I spent my adolescence and adult life submerging myself into all elements of fitness.  I’ve researched, experimented and discovered what actions really make the body respond the way we want it to.  Here I am as adult, using principles of dance to empower myself and others to live their most fulfilled life.

I’ve now accumulated decades of experience, not just in dance, but in countless forms of fitness.  I’ve been a gym rat, a cardio fiend and competitive body builder.

Check out all those tanning tents behind me…Wowza!

All roads have led me back to my roots as a dancer, but now with a more seasoned understanding of how to use this compilation to create a body that will leave you feeling Strong, Calm and Sexy.

Living strong while still enjoying life 🙂

Click below for a preview video of the plan:

 Strong Calm Sexy!