How about a 15,000 calorie ice cream diet?


True Confession time.  Don’t judge me, but there is a show I cannot stop watching. I know we’ve all got our guilty pleasures, but this one takes the cake of all cakes.  The title alone will make you roll your eyes…and then sneak onto Netflix and binge watch the first season.  Let me get this off my chest.

Hi.  My name is Yolanda and I’m addicted Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills (exhale). I feel a little better already.


I don’t think I need to waste any time telling you what this show is about, as the title leaves nothing to the imagination. I blame my addiction on my insatiable desire to witness a good before and after.  One of the “characters” is Dr. Rey (also known as Dr. 90210) and I use ” ” because while he is a real person playing himself, I find myself repeating the phrase “he ain’t real?!” over and over while I’m watching it.  Yes, he does amazing work, but I’d assume operate on myself before I’d be put under at the mercy of this guy with a scalpel in his hand.  He’d likely be looking at his reflection in the blade more intensely than what he was cutting into.  All that aside…I really like the guy :-/


dr rey again

And, theeeeeeere’s Dr. Rey.

Nonetheless, I’m not anti-surgery or anti-cosmetic procedures.  I think you need to do what’s right for you and your specific situation.  It’s not my decision to decide whether or not a procedure is right for someone else.  You do you.  However, when it comes to changing your body, many people think that surgery is the “easy way out”.  Watching condensed 10 minutes segments showing someone before and after, without the struggle of recovery in between can make plastic surgery seem even more impressive.  I can assure you, elective surgery is rarely “easy”.

For instance, there was a gal who wanted a butt lift with fat transfer.  She felt her booty was flat and she wanted some volume.  At the consultation Dr. Rey told her she didn’t have enough body fat for him to work with (if you’re raising your hand to volunteer some of your own, put it down because he had another solution).  He told her to go on the “15,000 calories per day of ice cream” diet.   If you think that sounds delicious, then watch this video of a guy eating an 11,000 calorie sundae and you’ll soon feel sick.

Actually…don’t watch the video.  It’s 8 minutes long.  You’d be better off spending your 8 minutes doing this:

I digress…He needed her to gain as many fat cells as possible so that he had plenty to transfer to the muscle under her butt.  Does that sound amazing or totally scary to you?  Back to the whole “easy way out” thing.  In the show they present a condensed process and show flawless results and an easy recovery, but know that isn’t always the case.  Even in this perfect seeming scenario, it took weeks to get the consultation, time to gain the fat, recovery time (in which you can not sit down at all for as many weeks as possible and she will still indeed need to continue to exercise for the specific purpose of maintaining the butt.  That’s not easy.  It’s work.  It’s time, money and a long term commitment.

When you think about your goals and wish that there was an easy fix or a way to just be put to sleep and wake up with the body of your dreams, know that even the easy way isn’t as easy as it seems.  If you want to create change in your body, you don’t have to go under the knife.  You can build the booty, legs, abs, or arms that you want.  Even better, doing it through exercise and good nutrition is not only going to change your body, it’s going to change your life.  You’ll be radiant from the inside out.  You’ll be healthier, not just thinner.  You’ll be proud.  You’ll be stronger.  You’ll be better for it.

It might seem overwhelming, but consider it a journey or adventure.  You get to experiment with delicious ingredients and fun movements that are more powerful than you can even imagine.


(image source)


A trainer I work with wasn’t in the mood to workout today but he stood up and quoted Ronnie Coleman (renowned body builder):

ronnie coleman

With most things in life, that’s often the case.  You know what you need to do (or you know someone who will tell you what to do…me 🙂  Now you just have to do it.

Do you have a mantra or quote you use to get motivated?

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

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